$350 million for San Diego Solar Hot Water Rebates

The San Diego Solar Hot Water market looks to boost energy saving and local jobs in 2010 as California approved $350 million in rebates.

After the San Diego pilot program showed significant energy savings, the California Public Utilities Commission decided to offer incentives to residents and businesses that switch to solar water heaters.  Solar water heaters will cut gas use by 50% to 80% compared with traditional heaters.  The primary focus of this 10-year program will be spending 60% of the funds on businesses, large buildings, housing complexes and apartment buildings.  Large facilities such as these will be eligible for up to $150,000 in rebates.  Residential customers will receive rebates up to $1500 and rebates will be based on home size and system design.

In addition to state rebates, solar hot water system buyers will be eligible for a 30% stimulus tax credit.  Homeowners may also be in line for additional state programs for energy-efficient improvements and property tax bills.

The California Center for Sustainable Energy hopes to see rebate incentives boost popularity of economic responsibility. Significant growth in San Diego solar energy industry is expected.  Click here for a quote from 3 pre-verified San Diego Solar Hot Water Installers.

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