California Begins Solar Water-Heating Rebates

A program to incentivize the installation of solar water-heaters will now be available for all Californians.  It was tested in San Diego where 204 homes received the incentives since July of 2007.  The goal of the program is to install 300,000 solar hot water systems by 2017.

Homeowners will be able to receive up to $1,875 from San Diego Gas and Electric’s rate-payer fund and a 30% Federal Tax Credit.  The typical solar hot water system costs around $6,500.  When you subtract the $1,875 rebate and the $1,387 Federal Tax Credit, the system runs about $3,237.  This is 50% of the total retail price of the entire installation.

As soon as the solar system is installed, homeowners can expect an instant drop in their energy bill.  The solar water-heater rebate program is administered by the Center for Sustainable Energy, the same entity that is in charge of rebates for solar electric systems in San Diego.

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  1. I agree.. But do you think they will install all 00,000 solar hot water systems by 2017? If yes.. then it will be useful to everyone…

    Comment by Stephanie — 05/30/2010 @ 4:28 am

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