California Solar Initiative Thermal Program benefits San Diego Solar Clients

As part of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Million Solar Roofs” vision, San Diego Gas and Electric customers are now offered incentives to install solar hot water heating systems in their homes and businesses.

The California Public Utilities Commission established a new California Solar Initiative Thermal Program with the goals of increasing the solar water heating market.  They also support reducing the cost of solar water heating systems, engage in facilitation activities to reduce market barriers to solar water heating adoption and aim to focus on single-family residential systems and commercial/multifamily systems.

Homeowners who are interested in getting a quote for a solar hot water system can do so at

The solar hot water heating program will be administered in San Diego by the Center for Sustainable Energy and will disburse funds to both electric and natural gas ratepayers who install systems.  The program will last until either funds are gone or December 2017.

Funds of $250 million raised through natural-gas ratepayers, advocates to Assembly Bill 1470 and 100.8 million in funds from general market CSI photovoltaic program will make the Solar Initiative Thermal Program possible.

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