Learning More About San Diego Solar Installation

Are you considering a San Diego solar installation for your home? If so, you are part of a growing trend of savvy homeowners.  San Diego residents are lucky to enjoy year-round sunshine, which, thanks to the right solar panel installation system, can also help to save you money.

There are three main types of solar installations:

Roof Mount: These are the most common type and also the most cost effective.  Solar panels are attached to a support structure, which is then attached to the roof itself.  In the majority of cases, no structural modification is required to support the weight of the installation.

Pole Mount: A system of solar panels is mounted on top of a steel pole and anchored to the ground. With this system, the angle of the panels can be adjusted to correspond with the direction of the sun. These installations usually generate less solar power than roof mounts, however.

Ground Mount: Ground-mounted solar modules can be used in place of roof modules when there is not enough roof space to install them.  They are usually placed around the perimeter of the property and consist of a wedge shaped system of panels supported by concrete footings.

The professional solar installation company that you hire will be able to tell you which type or types of installation will work best for your home with a free consultation and assessment.

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