Learning More About Your San Diego Solar Water Heater Options

If you live in San Diego and are searching for a way to save money on your heating bill and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time, a solar water heater is for you.  In addition to the environmentally friendly aspects, there are many other  benefits to this type of system.

How It Works

•    Solar heating systems rely on solar collectors to collect radiant heat from the sun, and storage tanks to heat the water and store it until it is need.  There are three main types of solar collection systems:

•    Integral Collector-Storage Systems:  Filter cold water through the solar collector and also into a backup conventional water heating system.

•    Evacuated Tube Collectors: Contain glass tubes with heat collecting fins attached to them to collect radiant heat and minimize heat loss.

•    Flat Plate Collectors: Are the most common type of solar heating systems used for solar pools but can also be used for household solar water heating. Radiant heat is collected and stored within the collectors and used to heat water that is then transferred via a system of pipes, to its source.


Your San Diego Solar Water Heater:

•    Can provide up to 60-90% of your hot water needs
•    Will save you money
•    Allows you to do your part for the environment
•    Adds value to your home
•    Can be used year-round
•    Are low maintenance and easy to care for

Contact us to receive a free, no obligation consultation from a qualified solar technician, and take the first step towards obtaining your new San Diego solar water heater today.

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