RENT Energy vs. OWN Energy

Which scenario sounds like a better investment strategy?

  1. Rent your energy: Pay $200/month for the rest of your life.
  2. Own your energy: Pay $200/month for 7-10 years.  Then after this time period ends, your payments would be $0 forever.

Answer: If you chose (b), then you are a savvy investor.  A Solar System might be a good investment for you.

Tips for investing in a Solar System

  1. Your Solar System should be sized to meet your energy needs.  The more electricity you consume, the larger Solar System you need.
  2. Installing a Solar System can be a heavy up-front investment, but the returns will be worth it.  A Solar Electric System that completely eliminates your electric bill will cost about the same as you would be paying the electric company in 7-10 years anyway.  You can price out a Solar System in the HelioNation Solar Cost Estimator to the right.
  3. It might be more cost effective to eliminate the most expensive electricity charged by your utility company.  For a good example, see below.  Energy tiers 1 and 2 are much less expensive than tiers 3 and 4.

Tiered Electric Rates

Some electric utilities charge on a multi-tiered scale.  The more energy you use, the more expensive it gets.

tiered energy rates