San Diego Solar Pool Heater

Benefits of a San Diego Solar Swimming Pool Heater

Want  to extend your swimming season well into the fall and winter months? A San Diego solar pool heater can help you to do this, while saving you money on your electric bill at the same time,using  natural, radiant energy from the sun. More and more homeowners are discovering that when it comes to enjoying all of the benefits of a pool year-round, a solar heating system is the environmentally friendly, economical way to go.  Click here for a free quote.

How It Works

A system of solar webbing panels is installed on the roof of your house, which are connected to your pool’s existing pump and filter system.  Once water exits the pool filter, it is then directed into a separate filtration system where it is heated via the solar webbing system and sent back into your pool. On hot days, a built-in temperature sensor will make sure that the water is sent directly to the pool and not into the solar heating and filtration system. Whatever the temperature may be outside, the temperature of your pool will always be perfect.


Is It Right For Me?

Every pool system is unique, and for this reason, the best way to find out if this option is right for you is to schedule an appointment with an expert solar installer who will be able to assess your heating needs and provide you with personalized options. Click here for a free consultation, and take the first step towards your new San Diego solar pool heating system today.