Net Energy Metering

As Californians fear investing in high cost solar power systems, state officials strive to ensure financial benefits stay strong.  Governor Schwarzenegger is poised to sign a bill that makes San Diego Solar customer’s stay at low risk to run out of Net Energy Metering capacity.  The net metering system sends over-produced power back into the grid for other customers to use, then when the over-producing customers run out they receive back the same amount they sent in to the grid.

Andrew McAllister says, “Net metering is a really good deal for the customer” and extending the amount of solar power that qualifies for it is important.  Lawmakers approve bill to increase amount of net metering allowed to 5%.  Governor Schwarzenegger is poised to sign said bill and protect California Solar Power customers.

An alternative possibility is the “Use it or Lose it” scenario, which you learned about in past blog posts.  In this situation, as solar power users send access power in to the grid they will not receive any power back and therefore lowers the incentive for customers to utilize solar power.

Hopes remain that rebates and tax credits will continue to increase, assuring potential new customers financial incentives, encouraging increased solar system installations.

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