San Diego Solar Installation Options

Have you made the decision to “go solar?” If so, then congratulations. A solar heating system is an environmentally friendly, money saving, value-adding addition to any home, and your new San Diego solar installation will provide you with a convenient, alternative source of energy and heat for years to come.

Most solar installations consist of panels installed on the roof. These panels are designed to collect the sun’s heat and convert it into solar energy, which can then be used to heat pools, indoor water, power appliances, and heat your home. Once installed, solar panels are easy to maintain and add value to your home, and are a unique selling point as well.

Ground mounted solar collectors, or solar panels mounted on poles are also another option. Although not as powerful, these systems work in the same way that roof-based solar panels do. The difference is that they are placed on the perimeter of your property.

There are several other types of San Diego solar systems available and one of the best ways to explore your options is to complete our form to receive 3 San Diego Solar Installation Quotes based on your home’s energy needs.

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