SDG&E’s Proposal Does Not Support Solar

San Diego Gas and Electric has proposed a rate hike on its users who use the least amount of electricity.  Currently, those who consume around 500 kilowatt hours per month spend around $73.00 or 14.6 cents/kWh.  Someone who consumes twice that amount sees their electric bill at $230 or 23.4 cents/kWh.  Heavy users have much higher electric bills because of the increased rate tiers past the 500 kWh usage per month.

SDG&E wants to unfairly target conservative users, fixed income retirees, and people who don’t run their appliances all day.  They say that they are bringing their rates in line with their cost to generate their power.  A Public Utility Commission judge doesn’t see any problem with this.

I believe that they are trying to hedge against the rising interest in solar installations in San Diego.  When you install a solar electric system, you eliminate the higher electric tiers, which are the most expensive.  A homeowner who produces most of his own electricity from his solar installation, only has to pay for the lower tier electric rates.  San Diego Gas and Electric knows this.

Tier 1 and tier 2 are only allowed to be raised by 3-5 percent per year, but the top electric tiers can increase much more than that.  Since solar panels eliminate these top electric tiers, a solar system hedges against future rate increases and no longer permits San Diego Gas and Electric from raising rates on solar customers.

SDG&E should back off this proposition and support solar in San Diego.

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