Solar Heating San Diego

If you’re interested in learning more about San Diego solar heating, you’re not alone. Solar heating in San Diego is a popular, and economical choice for many homeowners. At Helio Nation, we pride ourselves in providing economical solar heating solutions for homeowners in the San Diego area. To learn more about the best options for your home, contact us today for a free consultation and no-obligation quote.

When people talk about solar heating, they are referring to one of two types, which are:

Passive Solar Heating: This type does not involve any solar panels or collectors. Instead, building materials such as stone and brick, and large windows are used to naturally collect and store solar energy. This method is sometimes very effective, but limits the homeowner when it comes to building materials and window placement and the heat collected cannot be stored or transferred.

Active Solar Heating: Active solar heating is the type that involves solar panels, solar heaters, and solar collectors. Solar panels, placed either on the roof or on poles, collect solar energy, which is then transferred to a heating system, water heater, or swimming pool. Unlike passive solar heating, this method works very well, particularly in areas that receive abundant amounts of direct sunlight year-round.

Solutions are available for all homeowners, regardless of budget and available space. To find out more visit our San Diego solar panel information page or get 3 San Diego solar quotes now for your home.

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