Solar Professionals

Solar Installers would like to be your personal marketing department and deliver qualified solar leads to your inbox.

HelioNation Integrity Guarantee

  1. Only people who are interested in installing solar systems will be delivered to your inbox
  2. If you do not quote your product, then you do not pay
  3. Each solar lead will be delivered to a maximum of 3 solar installers
  4. No sign-up fees, monthly service fees, or yearly fees

Return Policy

We at do not believe that the Solar Installer should have to pay for a Solar Lead if the lead is invalid.  The definition of an invalid Solar Lead is any instance where the Solar Installer is unable to deliver the proposal for the solar product to that Solar Lead after attempting to contact the interested party daily for 7 days. will make every effort to deliver the highest quality leads. makes no guaranty that Solar Leads will result in a sale for the Solar Installer.  The Solar Installer agrees to initiate contact with the Solar Lead within 2 business days, and continue daily attempts until contact is made.

The Solar Installer agrees that a returned Solar Lead will be substituted for a new Solar Lead and no monetary refunds will be granted.

Solar Lead Pricing:

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