The United States and China Form an Alliance for Clean Energy Standards

The world’s leading energy users, the United States and China, formed a strategic alliance to ensure the reach of emerging clean energy standards to every corner of the world.  China’s access to the clean energy market followed by the combination of America’s robust technology can accelerate the speed of this reach.

Unlike past dialogues, the current China-U.S. discussion highlighted renewable energy investments by the Chinese.  It also spoke about the enormous opportunities open before the Americans in partnering in the $2 trillion investment made by the Chinese in restructuring the energy they plan to generate and consume over the next twenty years.

President Obama made his first step to concrete the alliance right after winning the election.  The most recent development focused its direction on the sub-national cooperation in areas like Smart-Grid development and plug-in electric vehicles through the Eco-Partnership Initiative.

The Obama-Hu Jintao discussions held in Beijing further agreed to make a considerable boost to this venture by offering financial support for the U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center. To confirm this move, President Obama said that it was a step taken together “to rally the world around a solution to our climate challenge.”

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