Recovery Act: San Diego receives funding for Solar America Cities Special Projects

The Recovery Act funding for Solar America Cities Special Projects received by the city of San Diego got a warm applause from its locals. The project can assist in the enhancement of the San Diego’s solar energy infrastructure.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s web site, the city officials plan to submit a blueprint through its Sustainable Energy 2050 Plan. They are prepared to partner with the local, state and the federal representatives in making this program effective and successful. The major issues essential for the creation of a sustainable solar infrastructure including data management, expedited permitting, tariffs, training, long-term implementation and the strengthened private sector involvement.

As a part of the program, an approximate of 12 Megawatts of existing photovoltaic solar electric systems will be forced through a performance analysis to identify where it stands. They plan to expand the geographic information system analysis of solar installations and potential future sites for a greener city. Three case studies will be identified to explain the technique of deigning, planning, installing and monitoring the solar energy systems and to provide the basis for energy and financial analysis. A solar employment plan, a move to analyze the impact of the installations on the resale value of the property, etc. are the other parts to be covered, to name a few.

This project will partner with the California Center for Sustainable Energy, the city of San Diego (Project Lead) and Envision Solar for the effective implementation.

The other projects for a greener San Diego are the Solar Financing Options for Multifamily Affordable Housing and the Solar-Powered Fire Shelter Integration into Disaster Response Planning. Under the former, the city will strive to eliminate the hurdles in the installation of the Photovoltaic systems by educating the developers on the merits of the PV systems for the building owners as well as the tenants. The latter, on the other hand, aims to offer assistance for disaster response planning.

The presence of these programs and a well-suited climate can help San Diego in going a long way towards its dream of a greener city.

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