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How to Finance your Solar Panels

There are plenty of options if your goal is to reduce or eliminate your electric bill with solar panels.

SDG&E Requests 7% Rate Hike

I wrote in my last blog post that San Diego Gas and Electric would raise rates on consumers following their increase in insurance premiums. Well, here we go!

SDGE causes 3 fires…and San Diegans pay for it.

In 2007, SDGE was blamed for 3 wildfires because of “shoddy maintenance” and agreed to pay out almost $15 million, and Sempra Energy plans to pass the cost of the increased insurance to San Diego homeowners

Is a solar installation expensive?

People often assume that solar is expensive. In fact, that is the objection I get the most when talking to San Diego homeowners who are thinking about investing in a solar electric installation. I always answer, “NO, your SDGE bill is expensive!!”

If PACE gets killed, how will solar panels be financed in San Diego?

Politics aside, this is an extremely important program that will help so many people install solar panels, when they would otherwise not be able to do so.

Solar Rebate Programs are Working in California

There are 2 main sources of rebates that will help with financing solar installations. These solar rebates are the California Solar Initiative and the New Solar Homes Partnership.

Democrats take action for PACE solar loans

PACE loans will permit homeowners to finance their installations through their property taxes.

CA Solar Initiative suspends 1 type of rebate payment

The CPUC is concerned that the funds allocated to this solar incentive program will be depleted before the 5-year PBI period.

Why do the Feds have a problem with PACE?

The problem with PACE is semantics. Should we call PACE a loan or a lien or a Mello Roos.

Why San Diego Solar Power Is A Great Choice

Learn why choosing San Diego solar power is a smart choice for Southern California residents and how you can get free solar installation quotes to start saving money monthly on your electricity and help the environment.