SDG&E Requests 7% Rate Hike

I wrote in my last blog post that San Diego Gas and Electric would raise rates on consumers following their increase in insurance premiums.  Well, here we go!  SDG&E requested a 7% increase in energy rates to pay for the 3 fires that they caused.  What audacity!!

This increase does not take into account the price of current fuel costs, which are really cheap right now.  Natural gas, which is shipped in from overseas, accounts for a large portion of energy generation.  What will happen when natural gas prices increases?  Electricity rates for San Diegans will go through the roof.

Sempra set in motion a plan for a large wind farm in Montana, but SDGE won’t even get the energy directly from this farm.  The wind energy will largely go to Canadians and residents of Montana.  SDGE will benefit mostly from Renewable Energy Credits that will help them achieve their goals of a certain portion of energy generated from alternative energy sources.  Shouldn’t these renewable energy projects be generated in San Diego?

There is no better way to generate energy than Solar in San Diego.  San Diego boasts the largest amount of energy generated by solar panels than any other county in California, and California leads the nation in solar production.  Too bad that the state lags countries like Germany, Spain and Japan by 20-30 years.  These progressive European countries have generous feed-in-tariff laws that allow homeowners with solar to get paid very high premiums for the energy they generate on top of their homes.

To circumvent San Diego Solar customers from ever seeing rate increases, it is important that they get set up on a Net Metering Agreement so that they can offset the energy that they use with the solar power that they generate.  Those who are smart enough to invest in solar panels in San Diego do not care about rate increases because they are creating their own solar energy on top of their homes.

San Diego homeowners should all get some information or a quote for San Diego Solar Installation here.

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