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Solar Rebate Programs are Working in California

There are 2 main sources of rebates that will help with financing solar installations. These solar rebates are the California Solar Initiative and the New Solar Homes Partnership.

California Solar Initiative Thermal Program benefits San Diego Solar Clients

As part of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Million Solar Roofs” vision, San Diego Gas and Electric customers are now offered incentives to install solar hot water heating systems in their homes and businesses.

California Begins Solar Water-Heating Rebates

The goal of the program is to install 300,000 solar hot water systems by 2017.

California Governor signs 2 important Solar Bills

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger approved and signed two of the most important solar bills, AB 920 and SB 32. The underlying idea behind the bills was to motivate Californians to make an aggressive investment in solar energy power generation.

SDG&E’s Proposal to Reset Electric Rates

Last week, San Diego Gas and Electric asked The California Public Utilities Commission to consider a realignment of their rate structure. They proposed an increase in energy rates on users who use less energy and a reduction in rates on those who consume more.

Feed-In Tariff law passes in California

AB 920 leaves out details of how much the utilities will pay for each kilowatt hour produced by the solar customer. This bill only makes sense if the price is a premium to what they currently pay to the utility company.