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How to Finance your Solar Panels

There are plenty of options if your goal is to reduce or eliminate your electric bill with solar panels.

SDG&E Requests 7% Rate Hike

I wrote in my last blog post that San Diego Gas and Electric would raise rates on consumers following their increase in insurance premiums. Well, here we go!

SDGE causes 3 fires…and San Diegans pay for it.

In 2007, SDGE was blamed for 3 wildfires because of “shoddy maintenance” and agreed to pay out almost $15 million, and Sempra Energy plans to pass the cost of the increased insurance to San Diego homeowners

Is a solar installation expensive?

People often assume that solar is expensive. In fact, that is the objection I get the most when talking to San Diego homeowners who are thinking about investing in a solar electric installation. I always answer, “NO, your SDGE bill is expensive!!”

CA Solar Initiative suspends 1 type of rebate payment

The CPUC is concerned that the funds allocated to this solar incentive program will be depleted before the 5-year PBI period.

Why San Diego Solar Power Is A Great Choice

Learn why choosing San Diego solar power is a smart choice for Southern California residents and how you can get free solar installation quotes to start saving money monthly on your electricity and help the environment.

Choosing To Go With San Diego Residential Solar

Learn about San Diego residential solar installation options and how you can obtain 3 free solar quotes to determine which solar options are right for your particular residence.

San Diego Solar Pool Heaters

Learn about San Diego solar pool heaters and how they can help to increase your swimming season without impacting your monthly electric bill.

Net Energy Metering

The net metering system sends over-produced power back into the grid for other customers to use, then when the over-producing customers run out they receive back the same amount they sent in to the grid.

In Regards to Solar: Why California Politicians Need to Act Quickly

Please urge your California State representatives to pass a bill to increase the capacity for Net Energy Metering.

$350 million for San Diego Solar Hot Water Rebates

Residential customers will receive rebates up to $1500 and rebates will be based on home size and system design.

San Diego Increases Fees for Solar Permit from $95 to $565

We have moved from being the 3rd-cheapest place in the county to get a permit for a photovoltaic system to the 2nd most expensive.

San Diego Solar Installation Options

Explore your San Diego solar installation options to help make the right choice for you home’s energy needs and start saving money on expensive monthly electric bills.

Choosing San Diego Residential Solar

Learn about San Diego residential solar options for homeowners who want to lower their monthly electric bill and go green. Helping the environment can also be good on you wallet too with residential solar systems that decrease your carbon footprint.

Solar Heating San Diego

Learn about the solar heating options available in San Diego for local homeowners. Find out about solar panel options and how to get 3 custom quotes from qualified San Diego solar installers based on your home’s energy needs.